Non-DOE PL Opportunities

Brooklyn Connections offers several professional learning events throughout the academic year for K-12th grade NYC educators. Practice incorporating primary sources and non-fiction texts into your lesson plans, learn techniques for using archival resources to fulfill Common Core State Standards in Social Studies and ELA, and develop new methods for increasing student engagement with local history topics.

CTLE Credit: The Brooklyn Public Library is a New York State Education Department (NYSED) sponsor of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) credit.

I Teach NYC offers the latest career development and professional learning opportunities for educators in New York City.

Educational Epiphany, LLC is a highly-sought after consulting and publishing company with a proven track record. Our talented team of consultants are experts in curriculum, instruction, organizational development, and administration of schools. Our ideas for closing the achievement gap and accelerating achievement for highly-able and gifted students are used in schools across the nation, making the goals of college and career readiness attainable for hundreds of thousands of children. Our professional development workshop series and next-generation instructional materials support schools in becoming high-performing exemplars, boasting of double-digit gains in reading and mathematics for all student groups and ability levels.