January 31, 2020



Dear Brooklyn North,

I want to share with you the First Deputy Chancellor's email to those of us who participated in the Assistant Commissioner's visit on Monday:

"Thank you for joining Monday’s meet and greet with NYSED. I am so proud of all the work you do and was able to share at the meeting with the Assistant Commissioner Jason Harmon and Director of Field Services Stephen Earley. The Assistant Commissioner said Monday’s presentation was the clearest picture he has ever had of the NYC DOE in the years he has worked at the State. Let’s keep the momentum and continue to provide clarity on the work we do for our partners inside and outside the DOE.

Special thanks to Brooklyn North for hosting us!

Keep up the good work! This is the work! Now is the time! We are the people!"

On Thursday, the D23 Team, ES Watts, Andrew, and I visited 23K150 for their state visit. It was great to see how the principal's vision is transferring into classroom instructional practices. The visit allowed us to see the movement of best practices across the school, from the district and BCO level.

I was also able to joined Hetal in her Fraction Lesson Study with PS261 & PS516. This was a great experience. The work was thoughtful, collaborative, and very well organized. The voices of the teachers were present as they shared student practices and thought processes. A clear correlation between the work, ILF and Randall Charles' Big Math Ideas was made.

Congratulations to Steven, the Student Services team, and the other graduates of the very first Yoga School's first graduating class. Borough President Eric Adams joined the graduation this morning, along with our yoga partners from Brooklyn South. I was very impressed and I am excited to see this program delivered to our schools! Congratulations! Please view the video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLFmUG7iLZM&feature=youtu.be and the photos here - https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPcOLXtENOmVrYKDpDLjOiB4wF4ZUaBIUd3YP9wI5S4QunyCgDYGPEOGprw22HCQg?key=VjN0VTdHM3hrTmRfLWZnNlNMdkRIcWd6NFdVNGdB.

The excitement continued today with a celebration of the Lunar New Year in Room 508. Thanks to TJ for organizing this annual celebration. The students from P.S.94 entertained us with the lion dance. It was great to see how excited our students became when we asked our various questions regarding the Lunar Chinese New Year. Today's performance was an extension of the grand Chinese New Year celebration at the school on Thursday. P.S.94 partnered with the Chinese Institute and their musicians led us all in a wonderful celebration of the Chinese culture, while the students performed.

Those of us attending the BCO leadership retreat on Monday are looking forward to the day in an effort to bring back the knowledge and turn key it with our direct reports. As always I thank you for all that you continue to do. Let us all continue to focus on our WHY, as we share our pedagogy of Hope and Love.

Please see attached for a listing of upcoming events and important dates.

Upcoming Deadlines/Meetings/Events:

1/30 - Brooklyn North Lunar New Year celebration

2/3 - Leading for Equity for Brooklyn North Leadership and Principal Advisory Members

2/4 - Brooklyn North Leadership meeting, District team meetings, and Cabinet-Level Committee meetings

2/5 - Citywide BCO Director Meeting

2/10 - Citywide Leadership Meeting

2/14 - Last day to complete the Sexual Harassment Training

2/17-2/21 - Schools closed for Winter Break

2/25 - District Principal Meetings

Week of January 27, 2020

1. Please view the opportunities on the Special Education professional learning calendar and the SESIS professional learning calendar.

2. Please see here for the high school science opportunities.

3. The most recent Marshall Memo is available here.

4. The New York Historical Society has a number of opportunities available for high school students. Please see here for additional information.

5. As a New York City employee, you have access to a range of mental health services through the Employee Assistance Program and your health insurance. City employees can also access free, confidential mental health support through NYC Well 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. NYC Well offers immediate support, crisis intervention, and referrals to in person services for anyone seeking help for mental health and/or substance misuse. Explore the list of mental health and substance misuse services available in New York City here.

6. The Local Development Corporation of East New York (LDCENY) has been a driver for economic development in East Brooklyn since 1979. Please visit their website for upcoming workshops and events.

7. Advance & Earn is a new training and employment program for young adults between the ages of 16-24. Through comprehensive High School Equivalency (HSE) test preparation, employer-recognized trainings, credentials and certifications, and paid internships, Advance & Earn will prepare young adults for the workforce of the future! Apply here.

Advance & Earn offers young adults access to life-changing opportunities that can lead to a degree, a career path or both! Participants can:

· gain literacy and math skills

· receive help with HSE Test Preparation

· obtain industry-recognized trainings, credentials, and certifications

· get paid through exciting internships with the fastest growing industries in NYC

8. Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, NY is the face of America's Army in NYC. Fort Hamilton's mission is to provide installation services to our military community and its stakeholders enabling Army readiness. Fort Hamilton represents America's Army in a population center of more than 20 million people, enables specialized training, and promotes partnerships with organizations and leaders in NYC that will increase Army readiness and modernization efforts.

Fort Hamilton requires the same types of programs and services found in any small city. We manage the day-to-day operations of our community such as emergency response, human resources, housing, public affairs, utilities, education and maintenance, recreation and childcare. Our professional workforce strives to deliver on the commitment to honor the sacrifice and