January 16, 2020



Dear Brooklyn North,

Thanks to all of the team members who volunteered with the Spelling Bee, especially to David Olesh for taking the lead on organizing this year. Our BCO Team rose to the occasion yesterday making the event truly impressive. Congratulation to the winner, Kerrin McCarthy, from Hellenic Charter School. We wish her the best of luck in the City championship! We also wish the additional seven students who received trophies luck in the City Championship. Attached are some photos from last night's event.

Brooklyn North 2020 Spelling Bee

Student participants from left to right Fareeda Abdul Samed from 19K404 and Levaughn Coleman from 19K404

Spelling Bee officials from left to right Dennis Marinez, David Olesh, Aaden Stern, Steven Strull and Sandra D'Avilar

City finalists from left to right Cillian O'Donova from MS 51, Ben Sciarra from MS 51 and William Cohen from Ms 51.

From left to right Sandra D'Avilar, Executive Director of Brooklyn North, and Kerrin McCarthy from Hellenic Classical Charter School who won the Spelling Bee

January 16, 2020 Weekly News

As a reminder to superintendents and our support staff, we ask that you continue supporting our schools with progress monitoring. During our session with the First Deputy Chancellor on Monday, the question that became constant was about the proof of impact... how do we know something is having an impact on student learning and progress. We also ask that you share and use the attached draft ILF Action plan during your sessions with our principals and school staff. Despite the fact that the document is in draft form, it contains information that is supportive of the work we are being asked to do throughout our schools. As we continue our work during this second quarter, let us work even more collaboratively and share best practices across districts and our schools. Let us tap into our central partners even more and use them to help us cross pollinate the work. I thank you for all you continue to do, and I look forward to the continued journey as we support our schools, and children.

Please see attached for a listing of upcoming events and important dates.

Upcoming Deadlines/Meetings/Events:

1/20—MLK Day at Brooklyn Borough Hall

1/21—District Principal Meetings

1/28—Brooklyn North Leadership meeting in District 14

2/3 –Leading for Equity for Brooklyn North Leadership and Principal Advisory Members

2/4-- Cabinet Meeting

2/11--Citywide Leadership Meeting

2/14—Last day to complete the Sexual Harassment Training

2/25—District Principal Meetings

1. Please view the opportunities on the Special Education professional learning calendar and the SESIS professional learning calendar.

2. Please see here for the high school science opportunities for the week ending January 10.

3. Please visit the New York Historical Society web page for information on Black History programs for schools.

4. Please see here for the Teacher Career Pathways newsletter.

5. Please find the January information sessions from Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow here. Please share with schools.

Register for HSE- High School Equivalency Diploma Course.

Register for Digital Marketing Course.

6. Please see the flyer advertising MLK Day at Brooklyn Borough Hall. Unlike the various MLK Day events throughout the city, this event was created by youths, for youths. They have created a space that allows for young people to celebrate Dr. King’s vision and work from a youth perspective. Some of the planned activities are as follows:

· Spoken Word Contest- First Prize is $250.00. Content entries must be aligned with the work of Dr. King and other social justice issues.

· Workshops- How To W.I.N (Wisdom Instead of Negligence) When Dealing with Law Enforcement.

· Pre Registration for 16 & 17 Year Old- New laws now allow 16 and 17 year old students to pre-register for all general elections. They will become automatically registered on their 18th birthday.

Please share with all middle and high school students.

7. There are still have some spots open in the upcoming session with Alfred Tatum on January 30th for grades K-8. Tatum has some tremendously exciting new work for elementary and MS grades on using diverse texts in the classroom, promoting interdisciplinary learning, and using CRT practices. The work he will be presenting supports both ILF and culturally responsive teaching practices. In the afternoon, the children’s and YA author, Jess Keating, will be speaking. Her nonfiction informational books are some of the best on the market and her new chapter book series is just launching. Keating will be sharing explicit strategies that she uses in nonfiction writing. These same strategies can be taught to our students to help them develop their informational writing pieces.

This workshop is sponsored by the Department of Literacy. There is no charge for the workshop and teachers will receive copies of both Tatum and Keating’s books.

Please share this workshop opportunity with your schools. Teachers can register for the workshop at https://bit.ly/LiteracyPL If interested, they should register soon

Grades K-8: Dr. Alfred Tatum has dedicated his work to improving instruction and engagement specifically for young men of color. In this session, he will highlight the ways we use shared and inclusive curriculum across content areas. Too many of our nation's students are under-served in classrooms. However, our responses to this dilemma have missed the mark, further contributing to blockages to advanced levels of reading and writing and personal development. In this session, Dr. Alfred Tatum will discuss reading, writing and text practices to engage diverse students to read and write across multiple disciplinary texts using various culturally responsive literacy approaches. Sample artifacts and lessons involving diverse readers and writers will be shared and discussed. In the afternoon, discover 'The World of Weird Animals' among other titles with zoologist, author and illustrator Jess Keating who brilliantly shares her expertise about the animal kingdom in fun, weird and exciting new ways. Participants will receive several of the author's books. Strategies taught in this session can support students in meeting the expectations of the Next Generation ELA Standards and support the ILF. Please bring a text with you to this session that you plan on using in your teaching.

REGISTER SOON: https://bit.ly/LiteracyPL

8. Here are some updates from the Office of Leadership:

1. Nominate Candidates for Leadership Development Programs - As you may have seen in the December 16th, Field Staff Weekly, the nomination window for candidates to be considered for central leadership development programs is now open. The DOE is seeking high-quality principals, assistant principals, and teacher leaders for citywide leadership-development programs for the 2020–21 cohorts. Complete this form, which outlines options for each program, to identify and nominate candidates by January 22.

2. Observe an APLI, LEAP, or Wallace Fellows Class – You are always welcome to come see our leadership development programs in action. As referenced in the Strategic Hiring Guide superintendents can choose to push-in to OOL programs in order to get to know the candidates, as well as how the candidates are being prepared through the program. To arrange a push-in opportunity simply let me know. The dates for the next few sessions are below:






Tuesday, January 21st

4:30 PM – 7:30 PM

335 Adams St., 5th Floor, Brooklyn


Tuesday, January 21st

4:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Thomas Edison High School, 165-65 84th Ave (Library), Queens


Wednesday, January 22nd

4:30 PM – 7:30 PM

1 Fordham plaza, RM 853, Bronx

Assistant Principal Leadership Institute (APLI)

Thursday, January 30th


CUNY Law School located at 2 Court Square, Long Island City

Wallace Fellows

Wednesday, January 15th

4:30 PM – 7:30 PM

335 Adams St., 5th Floor, Brooklyn

Assistant Principal Leadership Institute (APLI)

Thursday, February 27th


CUNY Law School located at 2 Court Square, Long Island City

3. Encourage Aspiring Leaders to Learn More - Finally, as you may have also seen in Principals Weekly OOL’s open houses for leadership development programs were announced. Keeping the “400/800 challenge” in mind, principals are asked to be intentional about prospective candidates they encourage to attend. At open houses candidates will learn details about purpose, structure, and curriculum, application and selection process, as well as participate in an experience that will give them a fuller understanding of the scope of the program.

9. The 2020 Whole School Reform conference will continue to push participants’ thinking and disrupt the status quo that exists in many schools and districts, especially those serving minority students and students living in poverty.

Throughout the years, the Whole School Reform conferences have focused on coaching, leadership development, perceptions of race and poverty, and now, the achievement gap. With the growing number of participants, the leaders of REACH realize that the challenge of providing powerful and thought-provoking experiences is to secure experts in the field, both theorists and practitioners, that are capable of discussing current challenges in education that impede high student achievement. In return, REACH asks each of the conference’s participants to actively engage in the conference, have an open mind to new ideas, examine current practices, and reflect on the adjustments necessary to address concerns in their home schools and districts.

10. Learn all about the genius of Dave Brubeck with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra on March 20th. This hour-long program will celebrate the tunes and tales one of music’s most influential, ambitious, and downright decent figures. Brubeck made our music and country better, and, as a global jazz ambassador, he represented the best American ideals to the rest of the world.

Through live performances of some of Brubeck's greatest works, you’ll hear why his music remains so popular and enjoyable, from the unusual rhythms that made Time Out a record-selling album, to his lively and distinctive solo pieces.

Designed to entertain and inform audiences of all ages, this show honors a one-of-a-kind musician, educator, and champion of social and civil rights. Schools can register here.

The STEM Leadership Alliance Summit is the only, must attend, Integrated STEM conference taking place July 12 – 16, 2020 in beautiful Orlando Florida. We invite you to join us and commit to bridging the gap between education and industry through integrated STEM learning for ALL students. We hope you will join us July