"Image of Sandra D'Avilar Executive Director"

Sandra D'Avilar, Executive Director

Brooklyn North Borough Office

Telephone: (718) 935-5661

Email: sdavila@schools.nyc.gov

Sandra D'A'vilar has joined the Brooklyn North Leadership team as the Executive Director after serving as an educator in school community district 13 for the past 28 years. Ms. D'Avilar's career started as a substitute teacher in 1991. She spent ten years in the classroom servicing grades 3, 4, and 5. Ms. D'Avilar became a literacy coach for District 13, and after six month became an Assistant Principal at Public School 9. She has served as the principal of Public School 9 from 2004 until 2019. Her school has transitioned into a Whole Child STEAM School. Ms. D'Avilar received her degrees from Binghamton University, Fordham University, and most recently graduated from The Cahn Fellows Program at Teachers College, Columbia University. Ms. D'Avilar attributes the school's success to a strong student focus and partnerships with their parents. She also believes in distributive leadership and collaboration.

Adrienne Duggins, Director of Finance & Human Resources

Brooklyn North NYCDOE Borough Office

Call Adrienne: (718) 935-3107

Email Adrienne: aduggins@schools.nyc

Prior to her role as Director of Finance & Human Resources, Adrienne was Director of Budget for the Brooklyn North Borough Office and many other positions with the NYC DOE for many years. Priot to this, Adrienne worked for Verizon Communications, formerly Bell Atlantic and NYNEX for eight years. Within those eight years, Adrienne honed her customer serve skills as well as the ability to function in a fast paced environment. Adrienne joined the DOE in 2003 as a school business manager in District 16 where she gained the practical knowledge of HR and finance that she as able to successfully and diligently apply to her various positions with the DOE. She takes this blend experience into the role of Director of Finance & Human Resources.

Andrew Gallagher, Director of School Improvement

Brooklyn North Borough Office

Telephone: (718) 935-5661

Email: agallagher@schools.nyc.gov

Andrew began his career in the United Kingdom in 1996, where he served as a teacher, new-teacher mentor, and school administrator. In 2003, Andrew made the transformational decision to move to New York City during which time he has been a founding teacher of one of the city’s original small schools in The Bronx, an Instructional Director for the Central DOE, a Deputy Network Leader, and an Executive Director for School Improvement. Prior to joining the Brooklyn North Borough Office, Andrew was the Director of School Renewal for Brooklyn North High Schools, a role in which he oversaw schools’ ongoing improvement efforts. Over three years, Renewal schools across Brooklyn North all but eliminated the Graduation gap, saw double-digit increases in metrics such as College Readiness, and achieved historically high Regents Completion Rates. Andrew is a graduate of New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) and Teachers College, Columbia University, and is a certified Executive Leadership Coach from Columbia’s School of Business. His peer-reviewed research has been published nationally; he has presented at multiple conferences across the USA, and he is a proud graduate of Google’s very first Google Teacher Academy as well as Apple’s Teacher Academy.

Anthony Pizzillo, Director of English Language Learners

Brooklyn North NYCDOE Borough Office

Call Anthony: (718) 935-4840

Email Anthony: apizzil@schools.nyc.gov

Anthony is the Director of the Division of English Language Learners, overseeing the management of professional learning opportunities and resources to advance the academic achievement of English language learners. Prior to becoming a Director at the Brooklyn North Borough Office, Anthony was an Instructional Lead supporting schools with differentiating instruction for ELLs and students with disabilities at the secondary level. He also served as an ELL Instructional and Compliance Coach with Children First Network 102/113. During his first 13 years with the DOE, Anthony was an ENL teacher and coordinator in both middle and high schools. Anthony has an MA from New York University in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Foreign Language (Italian), and Advanced Certificate in Administration and Supervision from Hunter College of City University of New York.

Arelis Parache, Director of Academic Response Team

Brooklyn North Borough Office

Telephone: (718) 935-2443

Email: aparach@schools.nyc.gov

Arelis joined the Brooklyn North Leadership after serving as a teacher in District 4 in Spanish Harlem from 1992-2010, then as an Assistant Principal in District 7, South Bronx and in District 24 in Queens until 2015. She has served as the principal of PS123K The Suydam Magnet School for STEAM located in District 32 until 2019. As Principal, Arelis Parache was a recipient of STEAM Magnet Grant for the 2016-2017 school year. In addition, she helped pilot and grow the Dual Language program from Pre-K to 5th grade thus enriching students to become bi-literate, bilingual, and bicultural. Through Arelis' leadership at PS123K and with the amazing collaborations of teachers and staff, she is proud to say that the school has also been recognized and has received many awards that have supported her students mental wellness, social emotional needs, and artistic ability through the Arts. She holds graduate degrees from CUNY Hunter College and Bank Street Principal’s Institute and has certification from the CSA Advanced Leadership Program for Assistant Principals and School-Based Intermediate Supervisors Institute Series 1 and 2.

Dennis Martinez, Director of Operations

Brooklyn North NYCDOE Borough Office

Call Deniis: (718) 935-4567

Email Dennis: dmartinez27@schools.nyc.gov

Dennis Martinez joined the NYC Department of Education in 2013. Prior to joining the Brooklyn North family, he was the Director of Special Projects in the Office of the Chief Operating Officer; his portfolio on the School Readiness team included the citywide coordination, planning and implementation for the First Day of School and Summer in the City. Dennis also served as Senior Director of Operations in the former of Office of Field Support, Program Manager for the Showcase Schools program, and as a Project Manager for Common Core Professional Development. Prior to his career in education, Dennis spent 8 years in the Financial Services industry, as a field trainer and business development specialist. Dennis is the co-founder of the Mindfulness at Work Employee Resource Group in the DOE and a graduate of the LeadDOE program. Born and raised in New York and a student of NYC public schools, he is proud to contribute to the success and future of the students and families of Brooklyn North. In his spare time Dennis enjoys running, home improvement projects and spending time with his wife and daughter.

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Lisa Pilaski, Director of Family Empowerment

Brooklyn North NYCDOE Borough Office

Call Lisa: (718) 935-5661

Email Lisa: lpilask@schools.nyc.gov

Lisa joined the team as Director of Family Empowerment, looking forward to partnering with parent, community, school, district, borough, and central leaders to create authentic and relevant learning and leadership opportunities for families and caregivers. Most recently as Director of Teaching and Learning, Lisa and her team provided customized and comprehensive content, pedagogical, and professional learning support for educators across Manhattan. Prior to that, Lisa served as a Children First Network Leader, providing with her team cross-functional support to 28 elementary, middle, high, and transfer schools throughout the city. Before taking the helm of CFN 108, Lisa was Senior Director of Common Core Initiatives, responsible for citywide professional learning for and the rollout of the Common Core Learning Standards and Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. Since joining the DOE in 2001, she has served as a bilingual and Dual Language teacher in the Bronx, and in various field and central administrator capacities. Lisa holds a Master of Arts in Bilingual/Bicultural Education from Teachers College/Columbia University, and a Masters in Education Policy and Management from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Maria Vera-Drucker, Director of Teaching & Learning

Brooklyn North NYCDOE Borough Office

Call Maria: (718) 935-5661

Email Maria: mvera-drucker@schools.nyc.gov

Robert Kopiec, Director of Special Education

Brooklyn North NYCDOE Borough Office

Call Robert: (718) 935-3772

Email Robert: rkopiec@schools.nyc.gov

Robert was formerly the Administrator of Special Education for District 13 and an Assistant Principal at 13K350. He now works on behalf of all Brooklyn North schools to ensure that they are all in compliance with respect to Special Education services to all students with disabilities (SWDs), including staffed with the appropriate special education personnel, and ensuring that all teachers who work with SWDs receive the appropriate professional learning to continuously improved their instructional practices to increase their impact on learning for SWDs.

Steven Strull, Director of Student Services

Brooklyn North NYCDOE Borough Office

Call Steven: (718) 935-3767

Email Steven: sstrull@schools.nyc.gov

Steven is the Director of Student Services at the Brooklyn North Borough Office. He supervises content expert administrators and managers in Guidance, School Climate, Crisis/De-escalation, Attendance, and School Health. Previously, Steven facilitated a pre-service Principal preparation experience called Leaders in Education Apprentice Program (LEAP) for the Office of Leadership. Additionally, Steven served as a Local Instructional Superintendent in the Bronx and as a Leadership Coach with the New York City Leadership Academy. Formerly, Steven directed the National School Reform Faculty, creators of the Critical Friends Group approach. Steven has extensive experience in school reform, professional development, and central and field office supervision and leadership and has been involved with the small schools movement for over 20 years.

Bernard Palmer, Senior Manager Finance & HR

Brooklyn North Field Support Center

Telephone: (718) 935-3358

Email Bernard: bpalmer2@schools.nyc.gov

Bernard has more than 30 years in the Human Resources area in Corporate America , Not for Profit and City agencies A native New Yorker, received a BS in Marketing (University of Vermont) and MBA in Marketing and Management (University of Cincinnati). Worked with the Career readiness programs at the Children’s' Aid Society, Dunlevy Milbank Center, Frederic Douglas Community center and the ALANA students of the University of Vermont.

"Image of Precious Jones-Walker Executive Assistant to Executive Superintendent"

Precious Jones-Walker, Executive Assistant to Executive Superintendent

Brooklyn North Borough Office

Telephone: (718) 935-2443

Email: pjoneswalker@schools.nyc.gov

Precious is a native Brooklynite. She attended New York City public schools, graduating from Fashion Industries High School and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT.) She has worked in the fields of Fashion, Human Services, Fundraising and Education, developing many of the skills she employs in her former and current positions. Precious' earliest work in education was as a volunteer, serving as a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) President and School Leadership Team (SLT) member as well as sitting on various committees for the Department of Education. In 2003, she became the first Parent Coordinator for Public School 8 in Brooklyn Heights. As a parent, Precious knows the importance of building strong relationships between families and schools. In 2007, she was hired for the position of District Family Advocate now referred to as Family Leadership Coordinator for District 13. In that position, Precious supported all District 13 schools in building home-school ties. In 2019, Precious began a new role as the first Executive Assistant to Brooklyn North Executive Superintendent Karen Watts.