Administrators of Special Education

The Administrators of Special Education (ASE) supports schools with serving students with disabilities.  ASEs works closely with the Committee on Special Education, the Division of Specialized Instruction and Student Support, and the Office of Youth Development to resolve special education issues to resources and educational services for student with disabilities in Brooklyn North.  In addition, they work closely with school improvement specialists, the Impartial Hearing Office, as well as Principals and Superintendents.

Areas of Support: IEP Compliance and SESIS  

Allen Bibergal,  Administrator of Special Education

District 15
Telephone: (718) 935-3103
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Kelitha Spence-Bisi, 
Administrator of Special Education

District 23
Telephone: (718) 935-4112
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Michael Rosenblith, Administrator of Special Education

District 19
Telephone: (718) 935-3026

Mona Mills-Johnson, Administrator of Special Education

District 16
Telephone: (718) 935-4907
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Jenna Colin-Patel, 
Administrator of Special Education

District 32 & High Schools
Telephone: (718) 935-3903
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Maria Edwards, Administrator of Special Education

High Schools
Telephone: (718) 935-4084
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Michelle Ghedina,  Administrator of Special Education

District 14
Telephone: (718) 935-5826
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Robert Kopiec, Director of Special Education

District 13
Telephone: (718) 935-3772