Margaret's Bio

Margaret Moowad

Specialized Student Support Lead
Districts 13 & 23
Telephone: (718) 935-4112

Margaret spent her career working to ensure that students receiving special education services graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize their contribution to society. She earned her Bachelors degree from Hunter College/ John Jay in Public Administration and a Masters in Education from Touro College. She has developed a knack for understanding how strong relationships can help galvanize student learning. She has taught in multiple community schools where she worked with general education teachers to differentiate instruction for diverse learners as the special education teacher. In addition, she specialized in supporting students diagnosed with Autsim Spectrum Disorder. Her career has been characterized by a drive to do what's best for students and a focus on long term goals and post-secondary outcomes. Mrs. Moowad look forward to learning, developing and supporting new relationships as she embraces her new role as SSSL.