Lauren's Bio

Lauren Levine, Guidance Manager & De-Escalation Specialist

Grade Level K-8
Districts 13, 14 , 15 and 16
Telephone: (718) 935-4617

Lauren is a Guidance Manager and De-Escalation Specialist for K-8 schools. Before joining the BNFSC, Lauren worked as a special education teacher and Special Education Coordinator. Lauren taught second through fifth grade in self-contained and integrated co-teaching settings. She has also worked as a Teacher of Speech and Hearing Handicapped at the School for Language and Communication Development. As the Special Education Coordinator she oversaw all the systems and structures that related to Special Education. Lauren also assisted with budget, scheduling, development and implementation of the school programs, monitoring of systems, coordination of human resources and the supervision of all personnel assignments. Lauren holds an SBL certificate from LEAP and Baruch.  She also has an MA in Literacy from Hunter College and in Special Education with a concentration in Autism from CW Post Long Island University. She received a BA in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Florida.

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