Jami's Bio

Jami Whitney, Guidance Manager & De-Escalation Specialist

Grade Level K-8
Districts 19, 23 and 32
Telephone: (718) 935-4600

Jami is a Guidance Manager and De-Escalation Specialist for K-8 schools.  Prior to joining the BNFSC team, Jami worked as a classroom teacher, a Visual Arts teacher, and an Instructional Coach at P53K, a multi-sited District 75 school. Jami was a leader in adapting, aligning, and implementing a standards-based alternative curriculum to meet the needs of P53K’s student populations. As an Instructional Coach, Jami led teacher teams and served as a mentor for new teachers and a support to help all teachers improve upon and reflect on their practice. Jami is a New York City Teaching Fellow alumni, LEAP graduate, and holds a BA in Psychology from California State University, Los Angeles, an MA in Art Therapy from New York University, and an MS in Special Education from Pace University.   

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