Human Resources Director

The Human Resources Directors work closely with school-based personnel to provide comprehensive human resource support and to build capacity at the school level for effective, strategic human resources practices.   Additionally, the Human Resources Directors work with central leadership to ensure that each school is receiving high-quality and transactional guidance.  

Areas of Support: EIS, Per-Diem, Per-Session, NYCAPS, BEDS and Galaxy

Christopher Rodriquez, Human Resources Director

Districts 16 & 19
Telephone: (718) 935-3352
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Karen StoneHuman Resources Director

District 13, High School & Transfer Schools
Telephone: (718) 935-4998
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Lisa Wilson, Human Resources Director

Districts 13 & 32
Telephone: (718) 935-3121
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Omar Pereyra, Human Resources Director

Districts 19 & 23
Telephone: (718) 935-3576
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Jontra Angrum, Human Resources Director

Districts 14 & 15
Telephone: (718) 935-4768
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Lisa Hyman, Human Resources Director

High Schools
Telephone: (718) 935-3679
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Oeklen Kenol, Human Resources Director

All Districts
Telephone: (718) 935-2284
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