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Message from Executive Superintendent

"It is today we must create the world of the future." - Eleanor Roosevelt

At the Brooklyn North Borough Field Support Center, we understand the importance of a strong foundational education for children - one that challenges children to think and problem solve, to create, to argue over ideas, and to change minds - an education that has a direct impact on the future success of our students, on our futures, and on the future of our global society.

Our mission is “Supporting Schools in the Service of Student Achievement.”

How do we do that?  First, we ensure that our support is aligned with the Framework for Great Schools.  We look for numerous opportunities to grow relationships and build trust. We provide learning opportunities for families, teachers and administrators around academics, school culture, English as a New Language, and Special Education issues.  Our teams help schools with scheduling, programming, MOSL, and Advance. Our Finance and Human Resource, Special Education and Teaching & Learning teams ensure that our schools' resources are aligned to their goals for student achievement.   We assist with busing, attendance, health compliance, school climate and student crises.  We spearhead college fairs and student leadership opportunities.  

In this past year alone, we have:

  • Provided professional learning to over 3,500 teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators;
  • Increased the delivery of related services by 5%;
  • Ensured that over 400 students living in temporary housing were able to remain at their community schools;
  • Met monthly with over 240 schools to build capacity in Special Education focusing on quality IEP development and greater access for our students with disabilities;
  • Touched the lives of the nearly 120,000 children in Brooklyn North schools.

At this very moment, seated in our classrooms, are young people who could cure cancer, reverse global warming, write the next great American novel, or end world hunger. We at Brooklyn North know that our mandate is to provide these children and their families, their teachers, and their school leaders with the supports needed to ensure that everyone has a passport to the future.  Our vision is that all our children will be launched into the world with the confidence and skills to be successful in the 21st century.  

We look forward to engaging in joint work with our students, superintendents, school leaders, teachers, and support staff this coming school year.


Bernadette Fitzgerald