Brenda's Bio

Brenda Canty Guidance Coordinator

Grade Level K-12
Districts 13, 14 , 15, 16, 19, 23 and 32
Telephone: (718) 935-4249

Brenda joined the NYCDOE in 1992 and has worked in various positions since. In 2003 she began her career with Student Support Services and provided guidance and support to all school counselors in Region 8.  She later worked as a Suspension Officer for the ISC, where she approved and rejected requests for Superintendent Suspensions. After the ISC, Brenda worked as the Youth Development Liaison for the Children First Network 612, the Grapevine Network, and provided professional development, guidance and support to 35 schools. Currently she is working as the Guidance Coordinator for the BNFSC,  providing support and guidance to all of the schools in Brooklyn North. She also works closely with new counselors and Renewal Schools.

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