Ari's Bio

Ari Sussman Climate Manager

Districts 19, 23 and 32
Telephone: (718) 935-4597

Ari began his career as a middle school Science teacher in Los Angeles.  After coming home to NY, he completed a fellowship in Public Affairs and became Coordinator of YouthAction NYC.  Ari returned to public education as a Science teacher and administrator at Vanguard High School.  Prior to joining the BNFSC, he served as an Achievement Coach with CFN 102/113.  In this Network role, Ari founded the Student Voice Collaborative (SVC) program.  In year six, SVC continues to engage students in improving themselves, their schools and our school system.  Ari also co-facilitates the Brooklyn North Borough Student Advisory Council, through which student and district leaders work closely to enhance the policies that most impact young people.  The bulk of his work involves helping schools establish collaborative structures that promote safe, rigorous and connected communities.  Ari earned a BS from Cornell University, an MA from Loyola Marymount and a Master of Education from Teachers College.

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